Are We All Secretly Attracted to People Who Look Like Us?

By: Daniel Villarreal

A recent study revealed that some straight men feel a greater level of attraction to women whose faces resemble their own, meaning that all straight men are secretly gay.

Okay, so it doesn't mean that straight guys secretly want women who look like men. But it does raise some interesting questions about the psychological evolution of male desire.

The women's blog Jezebel has a good summation of the study.

According to a study from a French research team at Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier printed in MedicalXpress, homogamy plays a large role in male mate selection. 100 men were asked to indicate which, of a selection of feminine faces presented to them were the most attractive.

A second group of men were called in for a more specific test that involved digital manipulation of some of the images to resemble the individual men more closely—and, of a set of four faces, 37% of the men picked the face which shared the most features with theirs. The researchers also analyzed photographs of real-life couples, and sure enough, each one shared more facial traits than two random individuals would.

It would make since that men might be attracted to women who already share some familiar facial traits because it might suggest that they are a harmonious genetic match. But we're wondering if this same concept applies to gay men.

We've all seen gay couples who look so alike that it's sickening (right down to the matching plaid shirts with the pearl button snaps). But we've also seen gay couples that look nothing at alike. Perhaps the level of attraction one feels to a face like their own varies from person to person, especially if you don't like your face.

But it seems comically vain that some people wanna hook up people who look just like them. We call such people "dopplebangers."

And it's even weirder when you realize that the longer a couple stays together, the more similar looking they become.

Maybe it is true that looking alike brings some couples together. Heck, there's an entire dating website called that specializes in that exact thing. They've even got a similar looking gay Asian couple on their front page.