Buyer Beware! 7 Gifts You Should Keep Away from Your Crotch

By: Daniel Villarreal

Contrary to what you might see on America's Funniest Home Videos, the number one cause of guys getting socked in the dong is not children with baseball bats — it's everyday objects in your home and gym!

A recently study in the Journal of Urology analyzed a decades worth of "genitourinary injuries in American adults" and revealed which seven things most reguarly land penises in the emergency room.

Here they are (along with the number of men they hospitalized in 2011):

1) Bicycles (1,212)
2) Razors, scissors and clippers (1,089)
3) Zippers (951)
4) Bathroom falls and mishaps (818)
5) Basketball (309)
6) Baseball and softball (240)
7) Skiing and snowboarding (182)

So if you're thinking of getting your favorite men some bathroom accents or sports equipment this holiday season, make sure to throw in an athletic cup or some adamantium underwear.

And for the razors and zippers... we know you wanna look good in those ultra-tight jeans, but at what cost? Vanity comes at a price... YOW!