Having Two Penises Is Less Awesome Than It Sounds

By: Daniel Villarreal

Sometimes guys will say things like, "Man, I wish I had two penises so I could yada, yada, yada..." And it turns out that a guy can have two penises... it just isn't that common.

The condition is called diphallia (Latin for "two phalluses") and it's estimated that only one in every five and a half million American men have it, which means that there are approximately 27 men walking around in America with two dongs swinging around their britches.

But before you go getting all envious or wanting to track down their online personal ads, you should know that having two penises isn't all fun and phalluses.

io9 reports:

"Diphallia can come with spinal and renal problems, most cases of diphallia are otherwise healthy at birth. (Although the condition is associated with infections and renal problems due to diphallic men having a more complicated urological system.)

"There are many ways diphallia can manifest itself. The most common is two identical penises side by side. Slightly less common is a smaller penis just on top of a larger one. There are even cases of a second penis being internal, meaning that only when the man underwent treatment for urological problems did he find out he had another penis."

"Sometimes diphallic penises are both fully functional. Men can urinate out of one or the other or both at the same time. Often, though, these men have fertility problems, because the entire genital system is re-ordered."

io9 goes onto say that the twin penises tend to develop in fetuses during the 24th or 25th day of gestation when the genital organs separate from the rectal ones. Considering the rarity of diphallia, it's unlikely that you'll be seeing any two-pronged porn stars appearing on XTube or a Raging Stallion video anytime soon. And considering what we know about the condition, we'd probably want such a porn star to go get surgery rather than keep filming freaky scenes (okay, maybe just a few freaky scenes).

Let this be a cautionary tale not to want more than you have, because too much of a good thing can cause urinary tract infections. Just love the one you're with.