Running Is More Fun When Zombies Are Chasing You

By: Daniel Villarreal

Jogging is one of the best ways to burn calories, but even with a great playlist and beautiful weather, it can become repetitive and boring.

That's where Zombies, Run comes in. It's a smartphone app that makes you the protagonist in a zombie survival story and gives your running a purpose beyond mere fitness — it's about life or death, eat or be eaten!

Your home is a small survival outpost in a zombie-infested region. Every time you go out to run, you'll get updates on the zombies' locations, encouragement to run faster (lest you get eaten alive) and detailed interactive story about how the zombies came what you can do to stop them before they take over the world.

Also along the way, you'll pick up a few helpful items like axes and clean underwear to help you stay safe and fortify your outpost.

The review video below points out that the app doesn't keep a run history, which sucks, but the interface and story will keep you engaged.

Considering the popularity of AMC's The Walking Dead and five-kilometer zombie fun-runs, it's no wonder this app has gained a following. 

Check it out if you wanna add a speed to your step. There's no better way to feel alive than outrunning the dead.