Sex With Robots Could Add 10 Years to Your Life

By: Daniel Villarreal

Image via Matuska

If you've ever used online porn, a vibrator or a Fleshjack to get off, you're already well on your way to having sex with robots, Futurama style...

... and according to the human cybernetics blog Transhumanity, robot sex could very well extend your life by up to a decade, if you do it often enough:

"Orgasms reduce stress, insomnia, heart attacks, migraines, depression, addictions, aches, pains, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, type-2 diabetes, cervical & urinary tract infections, and risk of prostate cancer, plus they improve the immune system, heart rate, blood pressure, brain chemistry, skin health, pelvic floor strength, and they clean out carcinogenic toxins.

Celebrity Dr. Michael Roizen, founder of, frequent Oprah guest and chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, claims 4-8 years of additional life can be garnered if we have 350-700 orgasms per year. (A stiff and/or slippery challenge, but fun to pursue) Other studies report 2-3 orgasms per week can make us look 7-12 years younger.

Orgasms flood our flesh with healthy hormones (oxytocin, DHEA & others). Dedicated Sexbots with inexhaustible stamina can give us bigger O’s than forgetful, fatigued, self-concerned humans, and Big Orgasms = Big Benefits."

As the quirky D-TV host in the video below points out, 350 to 700 orgasms a year might sound like hard work, but it's the kind of work fit for a sexbot.

The prospect of sex with The Terminator might freak you out, but Transhumanity predicts that cyborgs could well be indistinguishable from humans by the year 2050, something that could be awesome (and morally questionable) when you consider the inevitable demand for celebrity look-alike sexbots.

But before we get all technophobic about the moral implications of sex-slavebots, let's at least agree that healthier social attitudes towards regularly getting off could help us all live longer. happier and more orgasmic lives.

And we can think of at least one company who'd love that.