If Love is a Drug, Then We're All Addicts

By: Daniel Villarreal

This Valentine's Day, whether you're with someone you love or making it on your own, remember: love is like a drug.

No really, it is. In fact — as the guys from ASAP Science point out — the neurotransmitters that give cocaine users a euphoric high are the same ones that bring happiness when people fall in love.

What ASAP Science doesn't mention though is whether people need increasingly greater amounts of love the same way addicts need greater amounts of drugs in order to feel the same high they initially felt when getting hooked.

Also, if love is like a drug, what does it mean when you no longer have access to your source? Breakups may well be like withdrawal which would explain why people sometimes do crazy, irrational things right after a breakup.

But barring the extended drug metaphor, it's kind of wonderful that the feel-good chemicals flooding your brain when you're in love also make you "fall in love" with the world around you, making the act of love addictive in and of itself.

Love multiplies love. Remember that next time you're spending time with your drug dealer, uh, we mean boyfriend.