How to Look Like the 'Teen Wolf' Twin Hotties

By: Brandon Voss

We've been howling since our first shirtless glimpse of Max and Charlie Carver as werewolf twins on Teen Wolf, which returns June 3 for a third season.

Then we totally geeked out when we heard that one of the sexy ginger brothers would be romancing Danny, the MTV show's resident gay guy.

Now we're just trying to keep it together while watching a new video of the Desperate Housewives hunks doing insane crunches, lifting dumbbells, and other workouty things with the cast trainer — strictly for workout tips, of course!

As a bonus, Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin also chime in with insights about their own puke-inducing workouts and what they can and can't eat. Beauty — she's a bitch!

Skip dinner and watch the clip below.