Tom Daley Is a Nacho. But Which Body Shape Are You?

By: Brandon Voss

New research reveals that the modern man can be categorized into seven different body types, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Hundreds of British men were asked to give details of their physiques, which allowed researchers to identify seven shapes named for foods or other objects like tomatoes, pears, cucumbers, string beans, and bricks. 

No big surprise, the research also revealed that few of the men were happy with their present shape, and almost half said they needed to lose weight.

Here are the seven body shape descriptions:

A little bit larger around the middle
Straight up and down with no extra weight
Slightly chubby all over
Broad all over
NACHO: Broad shoulders and slim waistline
Very skinny and lean
SNOWMAN: Rounded around the stomach and chest creating a figure of eight like shape

According to the Daily Mail, "Tom Daley's toned torso shows off the triangular 'nacho,' with his broad shoulders and slim waist." This category seems especially appropriate considering how cute he looks in his birthday sombrero!

Watch a video on the body types below. Which shape are you? Which shape would you rather be?