By the Way, How'd That Gay Blood Drive Do?

By: Brandon Voss

Last week we reported on Ryan James Yezak's gay blood drive, a peaceful national demonstration that the out filmmaker captured for his upcoming documentary Second Class Citizens. 

Ryan hosted the event in protest of the FDA’s outdated ban on blood donations from healthy gay and bisexual men, which he feels "perpetuates negative stereotypes and stigma."

The point of the drive was to send healthy but rejected blood submissions to the FDA to show the volume of good blood being denied to persons in need by the FDA’s discriminatory policy. So how’d it go?

It was a "huge success," according to Ryan's new video. Ryan sums up his thoughts on those who participated with a quote from the great Sally Field — um, obviously — when she received the Ally for Equality Award from HRC: "I want to thank all of you who have been brave enough to walk point and force change.”

Watch Ryan's video update below, in which he details what you can still do to further the cause.