WATCH: Sexy Gay Psychotherapist Talks Shame and Gets Personal

By: Brandon Voss

In his latest YouTube video, distractingly handsome psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey discusses shame, particularly within the gay community, and how vulnerability can help us heal emotional wounds and feel more connected to others.

"If you've taken the time to watch my video you know shame is a common human emotion and can cause great harm to us and our relationships with others if kept bottled up inside," he writes. "Luckily, shame is also something we can manage and significantly reduce. You don't have to let it rule your life any longer. It's time to take action!"

Matthew even addresses his own struggles with internalized homophobia, sharing a touching anecdote related to an embarrassing photo of himself at the age of 12 looking awkward and expressive (read: super-gay).

Clearly he's come a long way, baby. Is it weird that we can't get over his perfectly stubbled handsomeness?

Check out the new clip below and watch his last video here.