'Safe Sex Is Hot Sex' and Other Messages We Got From HIV Awareness Campaigns

By: HIV Plus Editors

The Big Bang
Brightly colored images sourced from around the world by and for the queer community and produced at the height of the AIDS crisis visually jump from catalog for San Francisco’s Center for Sex & Culture exhibit, “SAFE SEX BANG: The Buzz Bense Collection of Safe Sex Posters.” Bense, a graphic designer and safe sex activist, has been producing and collecting posters for decades. Highlights include the well-known Bleachman campaign (right) which was created by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to reach intravenous drug users at risk. Safe Sex Bang: Buzz Bense Poster Collection Book, $25, SexAndCulture.org


“Condom Use It”, Bleachman, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, SF Department of Public Health, 1989