Chris Pratt Loves Sex, Canoes for 'Men's Fitness'

By: Ross von Metzke

Parks & Recreation star Chris Pratt is known for making people laugh. And recently, he's also become known for his incredible physical transformation, going from overweight sidekick to bonafide beefcake for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Both sides of Pratt are on display in this behind the scenes video for his Men's Fitness cover. The actor canoes, rides a motorcycle, swings an axe and even reveals his favorite form of physical activity.

"My son was the result of it," he cracks.

According to editors for Men's Fitness, between takes, Pratt was cracking jokes and belting out country tunes. When an unexpected hay delivery for the farm's owners interrupted the shoot, Pratt even hopped up into the truck and helped unload the hay so the crew wouldn't get too far behind schedule.

Pratt's issue of Men's Fitness is on newsstands now. Guardians of the Galaxy is in theaters on August 1.