Safety and Strength: Bar Brothers Full Body Workout

By: Rick Andreoli

This video is from Bar Brothers, a workout team that describes their regimen as using "creative calisthenic exercises to obtain strength." Basically, these guys are going old school with their fitness. They use their own bodies and body weight to perform efficient workouts on very basic equipment (or no equipment at all), rather than paying for gym memberships and nutritional supplements. So find yourself a park with some pull-up bars, and you've got all you need for a full body workout. 

As they say on their YouTube description (capitalizations included), "We believe in maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. We use NO supplements just train very HARD. Our goal is to INSPIRE YOU to get in shape and MOTIVATE YOU to reach your goals. If we can do it, so can YOU!!!"

Speaking from personal experience, these kinds of moves aren't easy, but they force you to have keen body awareness and work multiple body parts at once in order to safely work out. For example, if you're doing multiple pullups, dips, or hanging leg lifts, you need to have your core and back muscles really engaged. That means you're being more efficient with your regimen and maximizing your workout. And from the looks of these guys, it seems to be working.

The group invites you to subscribe to their videos or represent them in other parts of the world by posting your own videos. They do have some requirements, so watch this amazing, sexy, and mesmerizing video, then visit their website for for info. But even if you're not into it, check out the video. It will definitely hold your attention.