Study Finds That White Guys Use Condoms Less Than Black Guys

By: Daniel Villarreal

A recent San Francisco State University study of black, white and interracial male couples found that white guys are pretty dumb when it comes to (not) using condoms.

Think Progress distilled the study into the following info-nugget:

Among black gay men, who face the highest risk of HIV infection, rarely discuss using protection, but tend to use it by default (it was “just understood”) regardless of either partner’s status. White couples, on the other hand, tended not to use condoms, often evaluating the risk of infection based on the health and viral load of the HIV-positive partner. In cases where couples broke from their agreement and didn’t use protection, black couples tended to get tested and revert back to using condoms while white couples persisted in not using them.

Why do white people hate condoms so much? And if black men are better about using condoms, then how does that figure into their community's higher HIV rates? So many questions!