'From Here On Out' Premieres on Here TV

By: Robert Hebert

Here TV premieres its new, outrageous sit-com From Here On Out. This wonderfully zany series is the first original situation comedy from Here TV and has a cast loaded with great comedians, hot guys and yes, even British acting royalty.

Here's the synopsis. After years of failed attempts, Jimmy finally sells his show, GUY DUBAI: INTERNATIONAL GAY SPY, to the 20 year-old president of a gay TV network. However, Jimmy must hire an openly gay leading man or the series will not go forward. Jimmy casts sexy, talented Sam Decker. Only problem, Sam is secretly straight. To keep their show on the air, Jimmy and Sam must conspire to convince the network that they are a gay couple. From Here on OUT, Sam is publicly an out man as he, Jimmy, a pool boy, a diva maid-wannabe-actress, the network president, and his nanny/receptionist struggle every week to make a new television show...and in the process, a new family.

The show stars Terry Ray (who also created/wrote), Juliet Mills (QB VII, Nanny and the Professor, Passions), Suzanne Whang (House Hunters, Las Vegas), T.J. Hoban (It¹s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Adrian Gonzalez(August), and newcomers Austin Robert Miller and Michael Lanham. Guest stars include Julie Brown, Sam Pancake, Jesse Pepe, Emrhys Cooper, David Millbern, John J. Joseph, Anthony Marciona, Junade Khan, Gary Anthony Stennette, Spike Mayer, Billy Yoder, and Lorielle New.

From Here On Out is now playing on Here TV. Watch the trailer below.


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