Comic Book Gift Ideas

By: Rick Andreoli

It's no secret that the boys of love comic books and pop culture, but we're also into illustrated works that don't star super heroes. So rather than list the latest X-Men or Batgirl or other gay-adjacent title, we wanted to offer up some really cool but lesser-known titles that would appeal to a larger audience, comics and zines that a book reader or art lover or twisted mind would enjoy.

Fortunately, Los Angeles is home to one of the best comic book stores ever created: The Secret Headquarters. Housed in Silver Lake—mere steps from the historic gay landmark, Black Cat Tavern—Secret Headquarters is a sexy, sophisticated spot with comics neatly displayed on dark wood shelves, with cozy leather chairs by the window for guests to sit and check out their purchases while chatting up locals who come in to hang out. It's also got one of the best selections of independent and alternative press comics, so we turned to owner Dave for some suggestions for holiday gift giving.

Here are some of his picks:

Sketchbook by Anders Nilsen
Published by Desert Island/Anders Nilsen
Good for: Fans of Big Questions and small, beautiful line drawings. $5.00

Chameleon by Various Artists
Published by Jesse Balmer & Jonny Negron
Good for: Those of you who like their weirdness a little (a lot) pervy. $12.00

Unicorn Being a Jerk C.W. Moss
Published by !t
Good for: People who need 50+ reasons why unicorns might not be so great after all. $14.99

Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson
Published by Nobrow
Good for: Those who are sure that their misery is not going unnoticed. $20.00

Forming by Jesse Moynihan
Published by Nobrow
Good for: Those that understand that the origin of people on earth has some (bizarre) loopholes. $30.00

Rebus by James Jean
Published by Chronicle
Good for: People who want to be in on the art that will be taught to their children in the future. $45.00

Visit The Secret Headquarters for more cool stuff, including shirts, indie books and mainstream comics.