Get Cazwell's Spin on the Holidays

By: Joe Thompson

"A Mont Blanc pen, so he keeps writing your rent checks."

That's the genius kind of fun you'll find in "Cazwell's Spin on the Holidays," a new kind of Gift Guide at The section features the DJ / performer / Boombox host's picks for all things holiday related. Or more like "holiday adjacent." From items like a Baguette-Bezel Men's Watch from Michael Kors, to the best songs for jamming during the holidays, it's a great distraction from the usual holiday madness. With the music picks, you've got tracks by Nicki Minaj, Amanda Lepore, The Weekend, and of course Cazwell and Peaches. The whole page makes for a bit more chill, fun, and real experience— more of what you wish the holidays could know, like without crazy family and old Mitch Miller records.

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