Want: Barbara's Hotti Biscotti

By: Scott Ragan

Last week in a San Francisco coffee house on a typical cold and windy day, a dear friend handed me the best edible holiday gift ever to go with my cup of joe. As the old saying goes, it's the little things that matter the most, and my new found happiness comes in the form of a Barbara's Hotti Biscotti. These treats are hands down the most chewy and moist gourmet biscotti you'll find, and come in a variety of sexy gift packs. You really can't go wrong with the world's best biscotti gift wrapped in leopard print ribbon and feather boa pieces. If Oprah was still on the air, I can totally envision Barbara's Hotti Biscotti landing on her Favorite Things list.

Barbara's Hotti Biscotti are available in these custom flavors:

  • She's a Little Tart
  • Naughti Apricoti
  • Maui Wowie

And their seasonal flavor...

  • Granny's Little Secret

You can order all biscotti products as is, but I recommend them with a chocolate dip, which they add upon request. For gift pack options and ordering, go to Barbara'sHottiBiscotti.com.