The Sexiest Men Calendars of 2013

By: Colby Scott

When it comes to preparing for the New Year, wall calendars are a tad outdated. After all, it's super easy to just go online and see any number of sexy studs in and out of their clothes. But here's why we think they're totally awesome and why you should get one (or more) for the coming year.

*There is a distinct retro-hotness of having a muscle man pinned on your wall, staring back at you every day of every month during the year. 

*They harken back to when you were first coming out, when you'd feel a rush of excitement from sneaking into a bookstore or your sister's bedroom to check out those naughty pictures.

*Most of us would never have dreamed of putting one up on a wall when we were in junior high or high school — no matter how much we'd wanted to — but now these things are so tame you can probably post it on your office wall without anyone giving it a second glance. Assuming, of course, that it's not one of the x-rated variety.

So with that in mind, we were delighted to find an incredible collection of these sexy (but safe for work) men calendars on

In their Holiday Gift Guide they compiled 13 different options for 2013, featuring everything from classic firefighter hunks to sexy Royals, to the guy next door, and even one with ridiculously scrumptious looking dudes holding adorable baby animals. They also added in a daily calendar, which showcases 365 smoldering hunks for your viewing pleasure.

Some are themed, some are random, and all are incredibly hot. 

The calendar list is great but what we love even more is the incredible array of pictures showing shirtless, sculpted, sexy men included in the post. Check out a few here, and go over to for the full list.  

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