Coco Peru Knows the Perfect Last-Minute Gift Item

By: Daniel Villarreal

Can Coco Peru get real with you for a second? Honestly, she hates the holidays.

It's not the Christmas cheer that gets her down so much as all the shopping. The holiday is almost here and she still has to buy gifts for her neighbors and acquaintances.

But you know what? Screw it. They're all gonna get the same thing — Panettone (an Italian holiday raisin-cake that looks infinitely more appetizing than fruitcake).

Our usual last minute gifts are booze, lotto tickets or gas cards... or all three if it's Mother's Day. But we digress.

Join Coco on her whirlwind shopping spree and see what the season has in store for her. On the way she discovers a Lady Gaga "Born This Way" singing toothbrush, making it the top item on our Christmas list. Truth.