Sport Illustrated 4 Gays

By: Joe Thompson

Facebook is a magical place, full of diverse, creative people who selflessly share stories and information for the betterment of all.

That's exactly what I thought when I noticed many friends "Liking" a new page called "Sport Illustrated 4 Gays." Basically, it's a ton of images taken from real sporting events that are sexy, some sweet, others pervy and/or hysterical. A lot of them are wrestling shots. Most involve spandex. Or short shorts. Generally you're going to have a bulge, or a hand on a bulge, or a hand on a bum, or a hand doing things on a bum. So, in summary, it's the real reason why we would watch sports if there was a guarantee that we would see something like this on every outing.

It's created by some guys from Panama (hence the missing "s" on "Sport"), and because it's on Facebook they're all work-friendly pictures. They're still hot as hell, but you can go onto the page while sitting at your cubicle knowing with confidence that no one in the IT department will think you're on a dirty site and tell your boss. Here are some of our favoite pics. Check them out and if you like what you see then "Like" these guys on Facebook.