Dirty Diego

By: Joe Thompson

After seeing the sexy Made in Brazil images and video yesterday, we got a little obsessed with finding hot Brazilian boys online. Fortunately for us, it didn't take long to stumble upon Diego Fragoso. Models.com ranks him in the top 50 Male Models, and he's repped by Request NY in the US and by Elite in Milan and London. But what really got our attention were these sexy, dirty photos from Saverio Cardia for Slurp Magazine's Fall/Winter 2011 issue.

How dirty?

There was one photo showing a bit more skin than is legally allowable on a family-friendly site like this one. But don't worry, the shots below are pretty amazing all the same.

We have no idea what Slurp is, but the name is forcing us to love it already. (And the photos don't hurt, either.) The mag's website is down so we're not sure how you can score a copy of this issue, but we'll definitely keep on hunting it out for you. We're thoughtful like that.

Photos: Models.com