Smells Like Beefcake

By: Michael Matson

The conventional approach to air freshener marketing involves an average being home transformed into a harmonious sanctuary by a whiff or spritz of fragrance. For its new Fresh Accents collection, Renuzit chose instead to focus on the gorgeous design of the product with a little help from some hunky male models and their chiseled torsos. The campaign tagline: “The first air freshener designed to look as great as it smells.”

Steve O’Connell, partner and executive creative director at Red Tettemer & Partners—the ad agency behind the Fresh Accents campaign, told the New York Times, “We didn’t set out to objectify men, but you always see gorgeous women in ads because those responsible for creative tasks at agencies will say, ‘There’s a hot woman, so guys will pay attention.’ I’m an equal opportunity objectifier.”

Go below to see more of the campaign featuring Eye Candy fave Bo Roberts (left).