Catching Up with Matthieu Charneau

By: Michael Matson

Since he won the Golden Iris Award for Physique Model of the Year last December, we haven’t featured Matthieu Charneau very much. That’s because the French pupcake has been busy with new shoots that are just now seeing the light of day.

The first new images of Charneau to grab our attention are these stunning black and white photos of him modeling Emporio Armani underwear for photographer Ugo Richard (first three images, left and below). Matthieu also shows a more playful side in new photos by Luis Venegas for BUTT magazine (4th-8th photos below).

The BUTT photos accompany an interview with the 23-year-old model, where he reveals he recently quit his day job of hairdressing to model full-time. Charneau’s also got acting ambitions, as many models do, and says he would love to work with queer filmmaker Gregg Araki. Charneau’s even willing to go full frontal for a movie roll, but has promised his parents that, despite the racy projects he’s already been involved with, he will never do porn. And that’s fine by us, too. As long as he keeps stepping in front of the camera, we’ll be happy regardless.


Read BUTT's interview with Matthieu Charneau here.