Wet Hot Italian Summer

By: Michael Matson

Welcome to our third annual Calezedonia post. Every spring, the Italian swimwear line releases its summer campaign, and every year we share photos from it. But can you blame us? They employ such hot guys.

Back in 2010, Calzedonia hired humpy model Noah Mills to stroll along the shore shirtless. Last year, Mills went boating with Brazilian babe Diego Miguel. For the 2012 campaign, models Caio Cesar (left), Felipe Rogue (center), and Clinto Mauro (right) are having fun in the sun. But Mark Vanderloo (second photo, below) is the new campaign's most impressive hire.

At age 44, the legendary male supermodel looks as sexy sans shirt as men half his age. Maybe one day Vanderloo will share his anti-aging secrets with the world. Until then, we’re happy just to look at him.

Check out more photos by Dan Mastersen below.