Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas

By: Jase Peeples

Rather than snuggling up with glass of eggnog and watching It’s a Wonderful Lifefor the 500th time, why not enjoy the Christmas cheer that can only be gleaned from watching Tom Cruz at an orgy in Eyes Wide Shut, or the numerous explosions and classic one-liners found in Die Hard? These two movies are only a couple of the many naughty, nice, and totally insane films with a Christmas setting loved by LGBT viewers that are highlighted in film critic Alonso Duralde’s new book Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas.

“One of the great things about writing the book was finding so many different movies that fall under the Christmas umbrella, so no matter what kind of movie you like — musicals, horror, Western — you’ll find a holiday film that suits you,” Duralde recently told the Advocate in an interview.

The author says his book makes a strong case for why he feels we’re still waiting for that one great gay Christmas movie, but admits he has as soft spot for a few gay holiday flicks of Christmas past. “I have a fondness for the terrible 1970s drama Some of My Best Friends Are…, which is set in a gay bar on Christmas Eve, but it’s notable only for a level of despair that makes The Boys in the Band look like a Pride parade,” he told Advocate. “There are things I like about 24 Nights and Make the Yuletide Gay, but I think there’s definitely an opening for a talented LGBT filmmaker to make a holiday movie that really knocks our stockings off.”

Many of the movies listed in Duralde’s book aren’t typically thought of as holiday films, but the author points out that Christmas films—like the LGBT community—are diverse and he argues that Gremlins is a holiday story every bit as important as Miracle on 34th Street. “For a lot of people… those movies are very much part of their Christmas traditions, and I think in a lot of ways [they] either fulfill the expectations of holiday stories — Die Hard is, after all, about an estranged couple getting back together at Christmastime — or specifically subvert them — director Joe Dante said he envisioned Gremlins as a cross betweenIt’s a Wonderful Life and The Birds. I wanted to expand people’s notion of what they considered to be a Christmas movie, but I think if you go back and look at movies like Eyes Wide Shut or Metropolitan or Less Than Zero through that filter, you see that Christmas imagery is present throughout.”

You can order a copy of Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas on Amazon.com.

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