Northstar Says ‘I Do’ Today!

By: Jase Peeples

For many gay comic fans today marks a special occasion, one that many of us never thought we’d see.

Today a superhero is marring his boyfriend.

Yes, today is Northstar’s wedding day!

Love him or hate him, Northstar is one of the most important LGBT characters in the history of comics and it’s only fitting that Marvel chose the first out superhero to also have the first gay wedding in the Marvel Universe.

Sure, I’ve heard the negative chatter – people who’ve found fault with Marvel’s decision to have Northstar “put a ring on it,” but after interviewing the creative team behind Astonishing X-Men for The Advocate, I have nothing but admiration for the people who’ve made this day a reality.

I remember how I felt when I read Alpha Flight #106 almost 20 years ago and saw a superhero say “I am gay” for the first time. As a young gay boy growing up in a small conservative town, it was my first exposure to a positive image of a gay person. Northstar’s coming out had a profound impact on me that changed the way I viewed my sexuality from then on. (After all, if a superhero was gay, I knew I couldn’t be all those horrible things I’d heard in church and on the playground my whole life.)

As odd as this may sound, that issue of Alpha Flight, a comic book, gave me hope and I’m certain that Astonishing X-Men #51 will do the same for many gay kids who desperately need more positive images of gay men in their lives.

So, for today, I’ll take off my comic-critic hat, leave the negativity to groups like One Million Moms, and enjoy the moment – because today an X-Man is marring his boyfriend. And that’s a reason to celebrate.

Read the interview with the Astonishing X-Men creative team, and catch a 4-page preview of the historic issue, at