George Takei Hooks Up With Archie's Gay Pal

By: Daniel Villarreal

So it turns out that ex-USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu (aka openly gay actor and activist George Takei) will soon appear in the Archie spin-off alongside Riverdale's most prominent young gay, Kevin Keller.

But while Keller's creator Dan Parent is excited about having Kevin meet his life-long hero from Star Trek, one Archie fan named Meyeraustin at the pop culture site Bleeding Cool thinks that Parent and his writers have portrayed Keller as near flawless in order to make him an inoffensive gay spokesperson:

"[The Archie characters] aren't all nice kids. That's the deal. Each one is defined by flaws. Reggie is lazy and a glutton. Archie is indecisive and selfish. Veronica is a bitch and deceitful. Betty is co-dependent and a doormat. The adults are physically ugly in addition to have character flaws. Don't even get me started on Reggie.

"But Kevin is perfect, beloved, a future war hero and his "flaw" is being a little insecure secretly. Nope. BS. He is a PC paragon meant for publicity. I'd think as a gay/bi man you'd think his lack of character (from the company thinking gays can't handle anything negative, even if all other characters are negative) is incredibly insulting."

Without having read all of Kevin's comic adventures in Riverdale, it's hard to assess Meyeraustin's accuracy. But its doubtful that Takei will do much to sully Keller's image (unless he somehow turns everyone in Riverdale gay, which the real George Takei could totally do).