Ryan Gosling Even Makes Crayons Look Sexy

By: Jase Peeples

He’s not naughty; he’s just colored in that way.

At least that’s exactly how we’d color Ryan Gosling in CultureLabel’s new coloring book featuring the Hollywood Hunk.

Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling is a fantastically fun piece of publishing from I LOVE MEL that is sure to have more than a few gays stocking up on crayons.

While this probably isn’t exactly the way you pictured yourself spending some time with the Hollywood hunk, the 15-page book offers a variety of ways to get busy with Mr. Gosling and will improve the look of any coffee table. Plus, every purchase helps to support the arts. (What could be better than that?)

So grab your Blu-ray of Drive and a big box of Crayolas – it’s time to color in some sexy.