Oh My! George Takei Teams Up with Archie Comics’ Gay Teen

By: Jase Peeples

Get ready to beam up an extra dose of fabulous at your local comics shop this week because actor, equal rights advocate, and Star Trek legend George Takei will be appearing as himself in issue No. 6 of Kevin Keller, the Archie Comics series about the adventures of Riverdale’s out gay teenager.

“With Archie Comics, it’s a fun way and a natural way and an ideal way of advocating happily,” said Takei who feels that his appearance in the issue released this Wednesday brings home his message that anyone can become anything they want to be regardless of who they are.

Archie Comics’ co-chief executive officer, Jon Goldwater, said artist and writer Dan Parent “met George at a convention and asked him if he’d be interested in appearing in the Kevin Keller comic, and being a huge Star Trek fan I Flipped when he agreed. Sulu was always my favorite character so I said do whatever it takes to get him in the comic.”

Takei was not only quick to agree, but humbled by the request as well. “I remember as a preteen and teenager, I used to read Archie Comics,” Takei told the Associated Press. “I was so flattered.”

In Kevin Keller No. 6, Kevin writes an essay about Takei and cites him as one of his heroes due to his advocacy on behalf of the Asian-American and LGBT communities.

“I’ve always been an advocate. I grew up in two U.S. internment camps. I was too young to understand that at the time,” Takei said. “As a teenager I couldn’t reconcile what I was reading in my civics books with my boyhood.”

That experience was one that inspired Takei to speak out on behalf of equality, a cause he’s been championing publically since he kicked down the closet door in 2005.

Today, the 75-year-old actor has more than 3.1 million followers on Facebook where he continues to fight the good fight with his unique blend of humor, geekiness, and honesty.

“Humor plays and kittens play,” Takei says, describing his page. “And I slip in a little advocacy in between because it’s me.”