Top 5 Reasons You Should Read '50 Shades Of Gay'

By: Jeffery Self

Hi. I'm Jeffery Self. I'm writer and sometimes I'm an actor. I used to have a show on Logo called Jeffery and Cole Casserole, and since then my life has fallen apart entirely. Just kidding. I mean... sort of.

But hey, I wrote a book!

It's called 50 Shades Of Gay. Now I know what you're thinking — a title like that makes the book sound like filthy gay trash! And guess what? You're right! 50 Shades Of Gay is a sexy, funny, campy, trashy romance novel... think Jacqueline Susann but gayer. Yep. Even gayer than Jacqueline Susann!

Still not convinced? Here are my top five reasons you should read 50 Shades Of Gay:

5. Who doesn't love sexy stories about closeted A-list movie stars? I didn't visualize the character as looking exactly like a certain celebrity. However, I wrote it during Channing Tatum's Magic Mike promotional tour, so I think it's safe to say you know where my head was at.

4. Doubt any other book this year has quite as many rim job sequences. I mean, besides Penny Marshall's memoir, My Mother Was Nuts.

3. What else do you have to do? Both first seasons of Vanderpump Rules and Nashville just ended.

2. A lot of people claim that reading is a great way to engage your mind. Sort of like TV.

1. For every sexy line that turns you on, there is a line about The View that will quickly turn you off... and that, my friends, is literature.

Buy Jeffery Self's overnight e-bestseller 50 Shades of Gay in e-book or paperback. Read our recent Q&A Quickie with Jeffery here.