Q&A Quickie: Celeb Photog Karl Giant, Serving Jersey Glamour

By: Brandon Voss

When salon owner Anthony Lombardi of Style Network's Jerseylicious had the idea for a photo book on the Garden State, the obvious choice for a collaborator was image maker Karl Giant — a celebrity photographer, makeup artist, and music video director whose biggest clients include Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, and Wendy Williams. Giant chatted with us about the inspiration for and creation of The Glamour State: 225 Years of Stylish Innovation.

Gay.net: New Jersey often gets a bad rap. What were your goals in shooting the new photo book The Glamour State: 225 Years of Stylish Innovation?
Karl Giant: The goal was to shine a light on all the amazing things created there. Did you know that the light bulb, the motion picture projector, and glitter were all invented in New Jersey? The first baseball game was played in New Jersey? The longest boardwalk in the world is in New Jersey?

What does New Jersey mean to you?
I was blown away by all the innovations created in New Jersey. My whole existence as an an artist would not exist without light, the camera, and, of course, glitter!

As seen on Jerseylicious and hashed out on StyleNetwork.com, you and Anthony Lombardi clashed on this project. Are you both cool with each other now and pleased with the finished product?
I will give you my polite Christian lady from Connecticut response: Yes, at the end of the day we have mutual respect for each other. As for the book, we are both happy with how it came out.

If you can handle clients like Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams, and Beyonce, you can certainly handle Anthony. How do you manage such powerful women with such big personalities?
We have the same goals: To make amazing images that are outside of the box.

After years of directing music videos for other artists, you recently released your own party jam, "Turning It." Was that always a dream?
Yes, I came to NYC to be a pop star, I learned from the best, so why not? And I have lots more in store!

The Glamour State: 225 Years of Stylish Innovation is now available on Amazon and through Anthony Lombardi’s websiteFind Karl Giant on Facebook and his website.