Unicorns Are the A-list Gays of Children's Literature

By: Brandon Voss

Hey, if Bert and Ernie can be a gay couple on the cover of The New Yorker, we can find some gay subtext in a children’s book about unicorns.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great, a new picture book by author-illustrator Bob Shea, is exactly what we would've flipped through as a wee gay boy.

The book is about Goat, who thought he was hot shit until Unicorn moved into his ’hood — presumably with better style and more disposable income. But what gives Unicorn reason to think he's all that and a big horn? Well, unlike Goat, Unicorn can fly and make the sky rain cupcakes. In other words, Unicorn is Gone with the Wind fabulous! Needless to say, Goat's bitter and jealous — until he learns that being a unicorn comes with its own hardships. Sound familiar?

Check out the promo for Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great below.