5 Ways to Stop Eating Your Feelings

By: Mark Rosenberg

In honor of my book Eating My Feelings: Tales of Overeating, Underperforming, and Coping with My Crazy Family, a collection of humorous essays released Aug. 6, here are five surefire ways to stop yourself from eating your own feelings. Like I do. Everyday.

1. Go to the gym.
Sometimes, when our feelings get the best of us, we like to eat them. Instead, I propose you go to the gym. Endorphins make you feel better and you'll certainly feel better about yourself after a workout. Bonus points if you work out next to a hot guy. Working out next to a hot guy always makes you push yourself a little bit harder at the gym. Don't front, you know it does.

2. Hang out with friends.
If you're feeling blue and eating your feelings is not an option, hang out with friends. They will always make sure you feel happier, most likely because something more ridiculous or absurd is happening in their lives which will in turn, make you feel better about yours.

3. Binge-watch television.
But don't binge out on food. I have recently discovered that all seven seasons of Melrose Place are on instant Netflix. You'll certainly feel better about your life after watching the trials and tribulations of Sydney Andrews. Girl, pretty much got blamed for everything that went down at Melrose Place and when she finally found happiness, she was run down by a car on her wedding night. Her life sucked way more than yours, so taking a trip down memory lane is certain to make you feel better about your current situation.

4. Go to the beach or park.
There's no better day than a day at the beach or a nice park, especially when the weather is lovely. If it's particularly hot, there will be shirtless men abound. This will make you feel better about going to the park instead eating your feelings because you could potentially find a new husband, one that probably wouldn't have found had you been sitting alone in a dark corner of your apartment eating buckets upon buckets of fried chicken. Not that I've ever done that or anything.

5. Read Eating My Feelings.
Duh! I did all of this already so you don't have to! And it's much cheaper than a fad diet or new gym membership and so much more entertaining. 

Gay NYC-based author and blogger Mark Rosenberg's new memoir, Eating My Feelings, is out Aug. 6.