Debbie Reynolds Defends Chaz Bono, Sounds Like Your Mother

By: Christopher Donaldson

The original Jennifer Aniston has a message for underdeveloped social conservatives who say ABC should cut Chaz Bono from the 13th season of Dancing With The Stars: “Don’t like this? Turn it off.”

Yikes, Debbie Reynolds! You sound just like my mother: “Dammit Christopher! If you don’t like 'Upkeeping With A Kardashian,' turn it off. Are you listening to me? Hey, you on the couch, will you start listening to your mother? Fine, do what you want. I really don’t care anymore. And stop smacking your lips like that. Why are you smacking your lips like that? I swear, you’re giving me a headache the size of the Great Salt Lake. Almost equal in size to that pile of dishes you left in the kitchen sink all morning long. Thank God you still have a mother who has nothing better to do but clean up after you and your sisters. You’re just like your friend, what’s her name: Iggy, Ignacia, Pistachia? Can you listen to me for once? And where’s the Tylenol? There was a bottle of Tylenol right here. Right here in this cupboard! It’s always right here! Did you take it? Goddammit, I’m going to bed.”

(Via Boy Culture)

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