Dating Survey States the Obvious: Gay and Straight People Want the Same Things

By: Christopher Donaldson

In dating, gay and straight people have more in common than social conservatives might think while Republicans have more orgasms than you might think researchers at report in the new study, “Singles in America.”

Think of it this way: Among the 6,000 participants, all of them single, scientists found gay men and women just as likely to seek out “the same qualities in a partner” as straight men and women. That means, no matter gay or straight, about 30% of us look for partners equally suited to our levels of education and about 70% look for someone physically and sexually attracted to us.

The same scientists also say conservative Republicans are more likely than Democrats to feel sexually satisfied, even if they report having the least amount of sex in 2011. Shocking? Not at all, when we recall two things: 1.) Men are more likely than women to identify as Republican and 2.) conservative Republicans can't stop talking and thinking about hot, nasty gay sex. Yes, we still hear you, Gingrich, Santorum and Romney.

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