POLL: Do You Prefer Social Apps To Gay Bars?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Slideshow image via Mark Peterson and New York Magazine.

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Every so often a gay writer will ask the navel-gazing question, "Are online hook-up sites destroying gay bar culture?" And most times the accompanying article will nostagically imply that gay culture was somehow better off when gays could only meet other gays by binge drinking in dark bars.

But when writer Steve Weinstein asked this question in his article entitled"Where Is Everybody?", he avoided the facile conclusion that "More gay social apps = fewer gay bars" and came up with some more complex answers to why today's 'mos frequent gay bars less often than in yesteryear:

"The reasons for what everyone agrees is a noticeable contraction in club life go way beyond the digital revolution into even more fundamental changes.

"Younger gay men might be more concerned about meeting Mr. Right to marry and start families than the perpetual search for Mr.Right Now. Even the ones still on the prowl have less expendable income after paying for a rabbit warren of a room in a shared apartment in a funky neighborhood far away from Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, or the East Village...

"Besides, gay men don’t define themselves by the clubs they frequent anymore. Nor do they have to... with gay men coming out earlier and being comfortable hanging out with straight friends..."

So our weekly poll wants to know where you prefer to meet gay guys. Chime in below and tell us why in the comments. That way we can all have something to discuss with our online pals and the boys at the bar this weekend.

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