POLL: Do You Want Kids? (Plus, a History of Gay Parenting)

By: Daniel Villarreal

Pretty soon, same-sex couples will start making babies all on their own.

But the phenomenom of lab-spun gaybies didn't just happen on its own, y'know? Lesbian and gay parents fought many legal and social battles over the last 50 years to help make same-sex parenting a viable option.

So, to help us brush up on gay parenting history, the South Florida Gay News came up with this timeline infographic showing milestone victories in LGBT parenting rights.

It goes all the way from Martin Sheen playing a gay dad in a 1972 TV movie to President Obama's recent statement that same-sex parents shouldn't be treated differently from different-sex parents. Along the way there's also mention of the notably hunky childrens' book Daddy's Roommate and an interesting bit about Californian sperm banks.

And while we're at it, do you want kids? Sound off in our poll and in the comment section below. Also be sure to check out this touching letter that a 10-year-old girl has sent to Obama thanking him for supporting her two gay dads.

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