Biden Gets The Nod


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In what was the most desperate act in a seemingly never-ending series of desperate acts, Senator Barack Obama selected Senator Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate early Saturday morning.The word from high came in the form of text message and ended several days of foreplay between Obama, the media and his followers.

The media shot their load early when they broke the story that the secret service had been dispatched to Biden’s home late Friday night. The AP confirmed shortly afterwards that Joe was in fact the man.

This was always going to be a no-win choice for Obama. He needed to
add foreign relations experience to the ticket and by adding that
experience, he would further underscored his deficiency. But by
selecting one of the most old fart-ish of Washington’s Old Fart Club,
he’s lost all credibility as an agent of change. Of course no pick
(with the exception of Senator Hillary Clinton) is likely to change
anyone’s mind when they venture into the voting booth.

In what can only be described as arrogance or stupidity, news broke
early Friday that not only was Clinton (remember her…the one with
actual experience) no longer in consideration for the spot, but she
hadn’t even been officially vetted by the Obama campaign. No one really
expected him to ask her, but it was surprising that he didn’t even try
to fake it. A symbolic olive branch could have gone a long way in
satisfying the body of staunch Clinton supporters still wary to throw
their support Obama’s way. In a more overt snub, the text was delivered
at 3am in an apparent attempt to mock Senator Clinton’s famous “who do
you want to answer the phone at 3am” ad from the preliminaries.

The door is now open for Senator McCain to step outside the beltway
and select a young and energetic running mate that could be truly
buzz-worthy…like Sarah Palin of Alaska, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana or
former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman.

The only good news is that with Obama’s inability to keep a
conviction for any duration, he’ll likely change his mind and name a
different running mate within days.

So what're your thoughts? Was Biden the right choice?

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