Hot Topic: Douglas as Liberace?


(Getty Images) The news that Steven Soderbergh was in the beginning stages of making a movie about the life of Liberace caught my attention slightly, but when I read about who was being considered for casting -- that's what really got my interest.

Variety reported that Soderbergh drafted the biopic with none other than Michael Douglas set to play Liberace.  What?  I can see Douglas being OK in the role, but let's face it -- there are so many others who would so much better.

Call me crazy, but I think Alec Baldwin could kill as Liberace, but if you really think about it, the one actor who seems like he was born to play the legendary closeted crooner is Kevin Kline.  Think about it!  Eddie Izzard also pops into my mind, and John Travolta could be fab.

Lance_bass But the casting news didn't stop there.  Variety also reported that Matt Damon was being considered for the role of Scott Thorson, the man who sued Liberace in 1982 for millions in palimony. 

Damon's a  good choice, but is he the best?  While his acting skills aren't likely great, Lance Bass pops into my head immediately for this role.  And no matter how hard Hollywood seems to be pushing Ryan Reynolds onto female audiences, he just doesn't seem to be cutting with the ladies.  Gay men love Ryan, and casting him as Thorson may finally be the one role that pushes Reynolds into the mainstream.

The thought of  Liberace biopic doesn't scream box office at all, but think about it -- with the right casting in the right roles, things could get interesting.  Any ideas on other actors?  Let me know.

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