Presenting Mrs. & Mrs. McCann


We are Chrissann L. M. (right) & Laura L. M. McCann and have been together since 3/18/05.

On our one year anniversary we registered as domestic partners.  At this time this was the way we could make our relationship the most legal within our own state.  There was no ceremony for this and no officiant, just paperwork. 

Fast forward another year! This was our "real" wedding (pictured above).  We planned this for over a year, invited everyone we knew and had many of the traditional things including: ceremony on the beach, exchange of rings, vows, first dance, champagne toast, cake cutting, guests signed our portrait, limousine, and a 2-week Hawaiian honeymoon. 

After our first dance, Laura danced with her daughter Crystal to "Butterfly Kisses".  During the song, she brought Chrissann in to dance with her new step-daughter.  Laura then picked up one of the ring bearers and danced with him and soon the whole wedding party was dancing in one big circle of love.

Nothing changed legally at this point, although we did begin the lengthy and expensive process of changing our names legally (which requires court orders in the absence of a legal marriage certificate).

June_27_2007_civil_union After celebrating our "real" wedding 3 months earlier, we visited family on the east coast.    Chrissann surprised Laura with a Civil Union ceremony in Vermont, then a 3-day honeymoon in New England.  We enjoyed 2 different wedding receptions at friends' homes.

Earlier this year we learned we would be able to marry legally.  On June 17 we applied for our marriage certificate and attended several weddings of friends and acquaintances.  We held off 10 long days and had our legal marriage ceremony on June 27th because it was the one year anniversary of our Civil Union.  We still feel March 18 is our "real" anniversary, but were not willing to wait until the next time that rolled around. 

"The legal aspect of our marriage signifies equality. We are now being treated equally with other couples in the state of California. Unfortunately, the federal government is still discriminating against us. The step of becoming legally married in our own state adds a strong argument in favor of our marriage also being recognized by our nation. It also gives a more real meaning to it when we call each other "Mrs. McCann"!

June_27_2008_legal_marriage_ceremon For our officiant, we chose Jim Brown, Executive Director of the Diversity Center (our local GLBT community center) with whom we have worked closely in putting on our local Pride celebration.  Through the summer there have been many celebrations in Santa Cruz of this wonderful Summer of Love.

Did you and your partner get married over the summer?  We'd love hear about your road to the altar and see your photos. Here's all you have to do!

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