A Gay For McCain

By: Gay.com

As we get closer and closer to Nov. 4th, it seems as if more
and more of the water cooler discussions at work centers around the upcoming

I was in a meeting today when the topic surfaced and a colleague was
once again ranting against John McCain. She feeds off of adversity and purposefully
directed her tirade toward the sole Republican in the room. She ended by
gesturing at me and saying, “Jerry, back me up on this!”

When I shook my head in protest, her eyes widened. “But you’re voting for Obama, right? I mean you’re gay!” When I told her I was voting for McCain, she gave me a condescending “oh, right” which translates into “oh yeah, you’re from Tennessee so you must be racist.”

I tried to explain I’ve never been a single issue voter and don’t plan to become one now. I enumerated the issues that matter to me in addition to gay rights, like the economy, national security and energizing small businesses, but she didn’t hear any of it.

I’m not sure which is more insulting, the thought all gays think exactly the same way or if I’m not voting for Obama, I must be racist. Or what about the assumption gays must naturally vote Democrat. Last time I checked, neither party is exactly beating down the door to usher in the time of great gay enlightenment.

It led me to wonder...how many gays and lesbians are supporting McCain this year and for what reason? Let us know!

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