Arnold vetoes Harvey Milk Day


(Getty Images) The civil rights leader slain by a fellow politician's bullet falls victim once again to politics -- this time, the time crunch forced by the California Legislature's three-month delay in passing a state budget. Faced with a huge backlog of legislation that would automatically become law Oct. 1 without action on his part, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday issued rubber-stamp vetoes to every bill he dubbed "nonessential."

It's hard to know why Arnold couldn't have let Mark Leno's bill become law -- it didn't give anybody the day off, and thus wouldn't have cost cash-strapped California any money. Rather, Harvey  Milk Day encouraged schools "to conduct suitable commemorative exercises" each May 22 in honor of the San Francisco supervisor who was one of the first openly gay elected lawmakers in America.

Equality California's Geoff Kors called the veto "a disappointment to thousands and thousands of Californians who regard Harvey Milk as a national hero. This is a sad reminder of the lack of understanding of both the LGBT community and of the impact of (a man who) inspired Americans in every corner of our nation to stand proud in the face of adversity, and he gave his life in the pursuit of equality."

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