Caption the Debate! And Will the Real Joe the Plumber Please Stand Up?


Ok -- so as McCain and Obama hash it out right now on the live debate over which of them cares more about "Joe the Plumber," my mind wondered off because I was so bored.

Then I discovered the photos below on Getty -- taken just a few moments ago -- and found them so ripe for captioning I wanted to share.   What do these photos say?   Offer your caption suggestions in the comments section below. 

Remember -- only participate in this little game during the dull parts of the debate...

First up -- Headbanger Michelle Obama. 

Hillary_debate Next -- Hillary Clinton. 

Caroline_edward_debate Third -- Caroline Kennedy and her husband.(*Clarke, note to self -- Call JC Penney and arrange holiday photo shoot).

Debate_pic_2 The candidates meet again.  "Hey, how's Joe the Plumber?"

Caroline_debate_2 (*2nd Note to self:  Clarke -- don't forget to call JC Penney for Christmas pic)

Joe_the_plumber Last but not's Joe the Plumber!  What's going through his mind after being the star of tonight's Presidential debate?  Caption it now.

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