Needed Now: 1 Gay Minute, 2 Straight Friends


Please take one minute to read this, because you’re going to be asked to participate in something that will have a direct impact on our future as gay people.

Prop 8, as many of you know, is an initiative sponsored by a group called ProtectMarriage that seeks to change the California constitution and eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry in California.
Voting NO on Prop 8 protects this right, and ensures that same-sex couples are treated the same as opposite sex couples under California law.

Over the past few months, polls indicated that California voters supported same-sex marriage, and when high-profile celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg made donations to the NO on Prop 8 campaign, support seemed to gain even more momentum.

Unfortunately, recent polls reflect an alarming shift.  An onslaught of TV and radio commercials created by asserting to “protect California’s children” are turning out to be very effective, especially with younger voters.

In response to Prop 8’s increasing support, your help is needed. We all know gay and lesbian voters in California will vote NO on Prop 8, but if we are to defeat this extremist attempt to take away our rights and destroy our families, we must reach out to fair-minded, non-gay voters.

We know our readers span the globe: if you have two straight friends in California, send them a link to this post ask them to pledge their commitment to voting NO on Prop 8 by posting a comment in the section below. Their comments can be signed or anonymous; the important thing is that they lend their voice to the chorus of people who will not stand for intolerance and inequality.

Our minute’s up.  Now it’s your turn: here’s the link –

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