Ride 'em, cowboys!

By: Gay.com

A decision by Texas' attorney general not to contest a February appellate ruling means that buttplugs, dildoes and other sex toys are now entirely legal in the U.S. Fifth Circuit, comprised of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

First Amendment attorney H. Louis Sirkin, who argued the case that struck down Texas' "obscene-devices" ban, said the victory means the court agrees "that sex is not just for procreation; that this case recognizes a right of auto-eroticism --- in other words, masturbation."

The ruling, while of course not just affecting gay people, rested heavily on 2003's Lawrence v. Texas, which affirmed people's constitutional right to have sex, including gay sex, behind closed doors.         

Sirkin called his clients, an adult-store chain whose retail outlets include Dreamer's and Le Rouge Boutique, "among the nicest people we have ever represented."

(Photo courtesy "Another Gay Movie")


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