Smoking: Time to Stop?


I have smoked since I was 16, and I am now 44, so I have been smoking for, oh, gosh, let’s see:  28 years.  That’s a lot of cigarettes.  And a whole hell of a lot of money!  I quit once, for 8 months.  I occupied my time, as much as possible, with running.  I missed a cigarette everyday, especially during those specific cigarette times in the day:  with coffee, after eating, in the car…you know…

And, then I failed. I went back to smoking. That was 12 years ago, and I now find that I want to stop, again. But this time, I want to really stop, and stop permanently. I don’t know if I will, but I need to try. I don’t know how I will do it, so I need a plan.

November is the Great American Smoke Out. So, November is when I am going to try again to stop. Since that is only two weeks away, I need to come up with a plan (and smoke as many as I can before then!!!). To be honest, I won’t even try until after the election. Giving up nicotine for me will not be possible until after this election is over: too much pressure.

But it will be over on November 4th – or the morning of November 5th. And that’s when I will start.  I mean stop.

Since it is the Great American Smoke Out, I would like to hear from any of you – other Great Americans – about what you are planning to do in order to try and stop.

  • Why are you planning to stop?
  • Have you tried before?
  • Did it work?
  • Why did it/did it not work?

I could use the input, and I am pretty sure that a whole lot of readers could, as well.

So, smoke if ya’ got’em, then let me know what you are going to do to stop. Thanks, everybody!

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