What if McCain Wins? The Consequences of Zero Mandate

By: Gay.com

Let’s play a little “what if” game here.  What if John McCain were to win this election?  After spending months campaigning on nothing but negative attacks against Obama, what would happen if McCain won this election?

Lots of things, to be sure.  But here’s a couple, undeniably horrid, consequences from such a scenario:

1) Instant Lame Duck  
It is beyond debate that the next Congress – both houses – will be overwhelmingly Democratic.  Moreover, these Democrats are bringing a specific agenda with them to office, and it is not McCain’s agenda (he doesn’t have one, other than getting elected).  This means that we would spend four years, as a country, with the President and Congress in open warfare, vetoing, over-riding vetoes, holding up appointments, etc., etc., etc.   If you think you have seen gridlock before, just you wait.

2) Deepening Recession 
If there is one thing that the recent credit crises and financial meltdowns have shown us (YET AGAIN), it is that the nation needs competent, progressive, and hands-on regulatory oversight of the economy.  This won’t happen without leadership from the top.   And this won’t happen with McCain.  Not merely because McCain – as of this week – is anti-regulation.  This will happen because McCain would be a President without the public support that is necessary to forcefully install new and effective oversights on the economy.  Why?  Because “Barack Obama hangs out with terrorists” is not an agenda for new, strong and progressive federal oversight on this nation’s economy.  Period.

The above are two scary realities for what America will have if McCain – or any candidate – gets elected solely on the basis of negative attacks and fear.  No mandate – not even a program – for governing.  Say what you want, but with America mired in two wars, a growing and deepening recession, and a massively split electorate/population, the last thing we need is four more years of a President adrift in a self-made sea of agenda-less politics.

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