Would you take this drug?

By: Gay.com

(Getty Images) Goodbye, medical pot. Allergan, the behemoth behind Botox, says its glaucoma drug Lumigan is so effective at lengthening patients' eyelashes that it plans to seek FDA approval for that use next year in the United States.

The lash-lengthening effect was clocked by doctors who prescribed Lumigan, also known as bimatoprost, for patients suffering from glaucoma in only one eye. A clinical trial at Miami University, in which the drug was given to subjects to use in one eye and a placebo in the other, confirmed the findings. The eyelashes treated with
bimatoprost grew two millimeters in six weeks -- twice as quickly as the placeboed peepers. Allergan also warns that continued use can make irises darker. Bedroom eyes, anyone?

Hah. And Lancome can only come up with mascara that vibrates.   

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