Why I've Been a Bitch

By: Gay.com

Let’s face it, this hasn’t been a great week for civil rights. And as much as we try, it probably shows on our faces and in our moods. If you’ve had a hard time explaining to your family and co-workers why, maybe sending them a link to this open letter will help...

“An open letter to my co-workers:

Yes I’ve been in an awful mood since Wednesday. I know it bugged you when I didn’t join your boisterous, thrilling and optimistic conversations. And you probably noticed that I winced and shrugged when you went on about “change.”

Please remember this has been a week of change for me too.

•    The state of Florida supported Amendment 2, voting to outlaw domestic partnerships in a sweeping change to its constitution. Thousands of Florida couples, same-sex and not, are at risk of losing health care and pension benefits.

•    The state of Arkansas voted to prohibit unmarried couples (again, both same-sex and not) from serving as foster parents or adopting, essentially saying I am unfit to be a parent.

•    The progressive state of California voted by a wide margin to give more living space to chickens and pigs. They also voted to change the state constitution to reflect that my relationship of fourteen years does not have the same value as your marriage.   

I’m happy African-American kids across the country now know whatever their dreams are, they can come true. Even if that dream is to become president.  I’m even happy for the chickens and the pigs.

You just have to remember for a moment I didn’t wake up to the same reality you did on Wednesday morning. And you’re gonna have to give me a couple more days.


The guy in the cube next door, the guy handing you a Latte, the lady buying a house from you, the nurse holding your hand, the cop stopping traffic so you can cross the street…and your son.”

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